The Extent of Awareness for Parents of Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing About the Importance of Early Intervention Programs for Their Children

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Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: The extent of awareness for parents of children who are deaf and hard of hearing about the importance of early intervention programs for their children Introduction Children who are deaf have impairment of hearing which may differ in degree. The majority of the affected children has had some usable hearing that might need some assistance using special devices. The overall development of this child depends on early intervention by their parents and family support. It is evident that successful development of a deaf child squarely depends on the age of language acquisition, thus making any delay in language acquisition can eventually lead to dare consequences in the future. This problem may vary from academic, social or generally communication disability. Therefore it is important for parents with deaf or hard of hearing children with disabilities to engage in early intervention for proper development of their children. Research questions The study will examine the extent of which parents with deaf child children are aware of the importance of early intervention program to their children. The study attempts to answer the following research questions. 1) What are the parents' perception of early intervention in the early development of their deaf child 2) Are the children's competence and performance enhanced when formal language (either speech or sign) is used in this prime period? Hypothesis It is my hypothesis that when these children are given help at an early stage they will definitely improve and master the only mode of communication that they will have to do with in the future thus avoiding future problems in regards to their development. Methods I conducted my research in an area of the upper mountain region provinces that contains a large number of individuals with hearing impairments and schools with
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