The Exploitation Of Little Girls By Beauty Pags.

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The Exploitation of Little Girls Through Beauty Pageants Beauty pageants have been around since the early 1900’s, but within the last thirty years parents’ have been projecting their fantasies through their children and this is becoming a very serious problem. Children that participate in these pageants are being sexually exploited by their parents and the long term emotional damage can be irreverseable. Recently on the learning channel a show called Toddlers and Tiaras aired, which has created much controversy. The children are dressed up in adult costumes and perform acts that are not age appropriate. While some may say that beauty pageants are a form of sports, upon examining all of the evidence it is clear that these young girls are being sexually exploited because of the body language and dance moves, hair and make-up, provocative clothing and the pedophiles who attend these shows. Some parents believe that beauty pageants help their children develop self-esteem and boost confidence and this may be true for some children but for hundreds of others this is not the case. Research studies have proven that other children actually develop issues with their bodies, lost self-esteem, and are at higher risk for eating disorders, due to their warped values about themselves (Reed, Billy). This in fact I believe is the complete truth and reason being is that women are sexually exploited everywhere in the media. No matter what age a female is it seems they are all skinny, tall, absolutely beautiful, and have no flaws. Then the real average woman looks in the mirror and compares herself to what society feels is acceptable, leaving her feeling inadequate. These reasons alone should be enough to make parents want to protect their children and find other activities that instill self-esteem and boost confidence, rather than dressing your child up like a twenty five year old

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