The Exchange Ralationship Essay

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The Exchange Relationship James E. Johnson Dr. M. Wright April 2, 2012 BUS 620 Although marketing strategies for most products or services may seem very straight forward, there are many products that are not easy to sell to the general public. Examples of these products would be funeral services, medical procedures, criminal legal services, and even an automobile. These services are difficult to sell because the customer really does not always want to be a customer. How does a company’s marketing management effectively facilitate an exchange relationship when it is not particularly desirable to become either a short-term or long-term consumer? To successfully market these products and services the marketing management team must identify what impacts the exchange relationship, and how best to develop an exchange relationship that is successful, profitable, and sustainable. Many of us may eventually need a product or service that is not desirable. Although as Mullins & Walker (2010) explain there are many fewer basic needs in life than wants, those needs are few but necessary. They continue to say that the distinction between the two is that needs motivate a consumer’s behavior, whereas a want is the preference that satisfies a perceived need. (Mullins & Walker, 2010) Converting the perception of an undesirable product into a less desirable product may require a stronger marketing plan to develop customer service, and intense trust with the customer. Developing a desirable exchange relationship for unwanted medical procedures may require an approach that does not dissect the system down to its fundamental parts. Instead the focus of the approach should be to create a very personalized relationship of trust with the medical facility that uses tactics similar to creating a long-term customer loyalty relationship. The

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