The Evolution Of Health Care Systems Essay

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The Evolution of Health Care Systems The Evolution of Health Care Systems Created in 1965 the Medicare health insurance program was formed to ensure seniors and those with permanent disabilities. Prior to the programs creation only about 55% of seniors had some sort of medical insurance, thus the creation of the Medicare system, which is funded by taxpayers and the Social Security Administration (SSA). Medicare faces several problems; however, the foremost problem is life expectancy of seniors has increased. According to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta GA in 1965 the average life expectancy was at about 70 years of age in the United States. Medicare could budget and fund the average citizen 65 and older for about five years. With the advancements in medical care and technology in the last 45-plus years that life expectancy of the average American has increased to 79-80 years of age, making it increasingly more difficult to fund the Medicare program. Medicare is facing a major hardship in the next five to ten-10 years, the Baby Boomers are coming up fast on the age of 65, that population increase and the life expectancy increase is sure to take a toll on the demise of the Medicare System if adequate health reform is not established. Technology, covered services, and the development of Medicare will be discussed throughout this paper. The Medicare program offers two types of coverage Parts A and B, Part A is hospital insurance and Part B is medical coverage. Part A is funded by the taxes paid by individual income taxes taken out by the individuals’ employer. (Dowdal, 2010) T Part A covers inpatient care and home health services or home care. Offered for those patients
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