The Evils of Stereotyping

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The Evils of Stereotyping Introduction: Let’s begin with the story that inspired, 2007 film Pride, about an African American swim coach named Jim Ellis from Philadelphia. While swimming remains to be a predominantly white sport, Ellis coached a predominantly black team. As African Americans competing in a predominantly white sport they often faced prejudice and stereotyping. For example a common stereotype is that blacks are terrible swimmers and their bodies are less buoyant than white peoples. Ellis’s team would often face intolerance and prejudice, for example after warm ups, they would come back to find their stuff moved into a corner, and one time a parent from another team said to Ellis, “you have basketball, track, football, boxing, and now you want swimming!” Despite discrimination Jim Ellis’s team has sent at least one swimmer every year to the Olympic trials and has been nationally recognized by the release of the movie Pride, based on Jim Ellis’s team and how they overcame prejudice and discrimination. Most Americans believe that since the abolishment of slavery and the passage of Civil Rights legislation, that racism, prejudice, and stereotyping is no longer an issue. Despite modern advancements, and using Jim Ellis’s story as an example it is evident that racism, prejudice, and stereotyping are still prevalent in today’s society. That’s why stereotyping is a problem and must be reduced. When we discriminate against others and put them down just because we were using are cognitive and not getting to know people for who they are is when there is a problem. (Franzoi 196) Background of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination: The definition of stereotypes According to Stephen Franzoi the author of Social Psychology is, “beliefs about people that put them into categories and don’t allow for individual variation” (Franzoi 199). It is not always

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