The Everlasting Memory Essay

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“Please don’t leave me,” Bruno begged as he sat bedside to his sickly looking mother. She had been restricted to this bed for months, but it had only hit Bruno that his mother, Dolly, was about to leave this Earth now. Bruno sat next to the hospital bed with the ill woman lying on it and his hand was grasping both of her skinny, fragile hands. As he prayed to God for a longer time with his sacred mom, he had his head down. He was not only praying for more time for himself, but also for his two kids. “Dear Lord,” Bruno prayed, “please let me have the strength to let go.” Bruno was married to his high school sweetheart, Sarah, and she has never left his side. Throughout his mother’s entire sickness, she had been supportive and a shoulder to cry on. “I am their father,” Bruno thought to himself. “I must stay strong.” Any emotions were thought to be signs of weakness in Bruno’s mind. He was raised by his strict father that served in World War II. “My children never met their grandfather and I don’t want them to lose their grandma so soon,” Bruno told Sarah one night. “They knew her for sixteen and fourteen years and both of our kids have made great memories with her over the years,” Sarah replied. Bruno pondered upon her words and then added, “Franklin has always favored your mom and I honestly don’t think that Mary will be able to handle this tragedy.” Their son was always a very quiet boy, and tried to stay out of trouble. However, on the flipside, Mary was a very loud fourteen year old girl that loved being the center of attention. Mary was a dedicated athlete and softball was her game. When she found out the severity of her grandmother’s illness, she had to figure out what she wanted to do. Her parents drove the short ten mile drive to her grandma’s house every day after work. Mary had to set priorities. “Family over everything,” Mary thought. She

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