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In recent news, the government is required to cut programs and privileges due to the economic circumstances the CNMI is facing, the Educational Tax Program is one such program to be suspended. PSS, however, states that the continuation of the ETC Program is an essential source of funding for CNMI schools. I believe that the ETC Program should not be affected by CNMI's economic difficulties and government austerity, and I would like to express where I stand. The ETC Program should not be cut, in my belief, because, as stated by Norman Scott, the president of the Coalition of Private Schools, to Saipan Tribune on April 28, 2011, that “the bill was not very well thought out, with no real study impact made.” I, too, believe that it does seem like a desperate attempt to save the economy. Scott also stated in that “if education tax credits are given only to the public schools, private schools, which rely heavily on the ETC, will be forced to close, which means their students will have to attend public schools, which means that there will be a bigger demand on PSS for classroom space, for teachers, for supplies – costs that the ETC cannot begin to cover.” I also agree with Douglas Brennan, Chamber of Commerce president, that “the bill has no guarantee that the money lost would be equivalent to what PSS, which is already underfunded, will receive,” he argued on Marianas Variety in April 21, 2011. Schools need the ETC programs for teaching resources, to do their job right, which may not be met when this program is suspended with the current economic conditions. I think the impact of the ETC Program's suspension on PSS would be that there would be less supplies for teaching, which could be detrimental to student's learning and future accomplishments. Hopwood Jr. High School has received $16,015.63 from the ETC Program in SY2009-2010 (HJHS Accreditation

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