The Essentials of Good Communication in Business

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Michelle A Professor F English 1301 2 February 2013 The Essentials Of Good Communication In Business Communication is important is all aspects of business. Most of a manager’s time is dedicated in communication which would validate the statement “In business, communication is everything.” Where would the business world be without proper communication? Businesses have to communicate to their customers and employees effectively. From the individual employee to the company as a whole; proper communication is vital. Skilled writing, international experience, and diversity are all essential to success in the business world. One form of communication that is vital to business is writing. Businesses spend a lot of time and money to make sure that their employee’s writing skills are up to par. Perhaps an employee’s writing skills are poor, this could be a great financial loss for a business. For example, an employee writes an email to upper management and fails to proofread, an error is present in the email and management notices the careless mistake. Little does the employee know, this is seen as being unaware of detail. If this employee could fail to notice something as simple as a grammar or spelling error in an email, then they could overlook a significant detail in a major business deal. Consequently, this would ultimately be a financial loss for the employee because now they are seen as undependable, inattentive, and unpromoteable. What if this email was an attempt to “seal the deal” on a business transaction? Unfortunately, the poorly written email would have been the deal breaker. International experience is now seen as essential in the business world. Many transactions are done with companies overseas and communication is extremely important . A CEO of a company needs to be aware of the different cultures. Offending
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