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2012 Congress Leadership Positions How to Apply: Please type out your answers to the following three questions: 1) Please list your name, school, and graduation year. 2) Briefly describe your personality. Describe your organization skills (i.e. how are the details of your life kept in order?). Do you prefer working on your own, or in groups? What are your mediation skills? How would you control a room or rowdy teenagers? Do you follow party lines or individual issues? What else describes you? 3) Please list your top three choices and explain: a) Why you want each respective position, b) Your qualifications for each position. Then email to: Congress Leadership Descriptions Party Chairs The Party Chairs are responsible for putting together a "party platform" and having it ready to post to the website two weeks before the convention. Deep knowledge of and allegiance to the core principles and values of the real Democratic and Republican party is necessary for these roles. Party Chairs will review all of the legislation submitted for the convention and select a certain number (as determined by the Congress Coordinator) of bills to support and/or oppose. They may even designate one bill to be their party's "flagship" bill – the one bill they want to see passed the most. The party platforms must be consistent with the principles and values of the real Democratic and Republican parties. For example, our Congress Convention would lose all credibility if the Democratic Party Platform supported a constitutional amendment to ban all abortions. During the convention, the party chairs will lead a party caucus at which they will explain the core values of their party, announce which bills they support and oppose and why. Party Whips Delegates at Congress are not assigned to parties and are free to affiliate with

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