The Essay Is It True That Acting Quickly Is the Best Response to a Crisis

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Hey guys, The SAT is coming inevitably and I studied a lot for it. Im kinda satisfied with my performances in CR, M and even WR, at least when it comes down to the MC sections. BUT...I have a huge problem with that essay..I cant think of good examples and my writing is...lets say...has room for improvement :-) I will post an essay I just wrote: Assignment: Is it true that acting quickly and instinctively is the best response to a crisis? Or are there times when an urgent situation requires a more careful consideration and a slower response? Plan your response... Nowadays people do rather rely on their brain and deliberate thinking than on their consciesness and instincts. Spontaneousness is still an appreciated ability, but when it comes down to difficult situations or crisises, a man of action is not what most people want to handle this. They forgot that instincts once have been the only thing man could rely on in hazardous predicaments. Instincts would have been eradicated by evolution if they were that useless. When my friends and I once returned to my car after a party in midtown of my hometown, a bunch of suspicious people started talking to us and ask for a cellphone to call somebody. Those guys were really drunk and a kind of “voice within” told me that something is definetly wrong with them. As a friend of mine handed out his cellphone because he wanted to be helpful, one of them grabbed it and tried to run away with it. Not deliberately I wrapped my arms around him, like I learned it in my football practice before, stopped him and demanded the cellphone. I could have thought about the consequences first, that those guys may get angry and try to purloin more than our cellphones, but they did not expect me to do an action of temerity and were so confounded, that we got the cellphone back and could run away. Another proof that an

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