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People think that a soldier’s job is to go and shoot things, but this is a common misconception. War is so much more complicated for the soldiers who have to witness everything that goes on first hand. Soldiers change in many different ways from war, and are usually permanently changed when they go home. Soldiers change in many different ways from war, these changes are the results of the disturbing events that they witness and have to take part in while in war. Most of the changes are psychological, soldiers lose their minds because of the constant stress and terror they face at war. Other changes are more physical, like addictions. Soldiers have many ways to cope with war, but some ways, like using drugs or drinking, ruin their lives when they come home because they become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Many soldiers also come home facing depression and post traumatic stress because of what they did in war. Everyone who goes into war is normal when they enter it, but everyone changes in some way because of what they experience in war. The changes are usually very bad and stay with the soldiers their whole lives, even after they come home from war. The Things They Carried has many examples of the types of changes people go through in war. When soldiers went to war, they knew that there was a chance they could die, but many did not expect to be changed by all of the other troubles of war. Soldiers who go to war always changed in some way, due to their experiences while at war. Many people are very scared of war, especially when they are fighting against enemies using guerilla warfare, like in Vietnam. This adds even more stress and anxiety to the soldiers because they are constantly alert and never know when they will be attacked or fall into a trap. Many soldiers would not be able to handle these conditions without some help, so soldiers use different ways to

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