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The phase the US went through after the War of 1812 is named the ‘Era of Good Feelings’ because the nation experienced an age with relatively little political conflict. This label is a misnomer because during this era, the states were divided over many controversial issues and the country was suffering from economic depression. The country was divided over the problem of slavery and this period was notorious for the great Panic of 1819. This hypocritically named era experienced a temporary moment of economic prosperity, but then had to endure a longer phase of tension and economic crisis. Although conflicts between opposing political parties were missing in this era, another more pressing and more divisive problem was developing: the predicament created by sectionalism. Americans recognized the need to solve this problem (Doc B) but could not because states were divided on the issue of slavery. They fought over which new, western states would be anti-slavery or pro-slavery. This issue was debated in the Missouri Compromise, in which bitter debates over this concern exposed the tension between the North and South. The Missouri Compromise created a geographical boundary that separated which states were to legalize slavery and which would not (Doc F). This line represented a huge conflict between the two halves of the nation that would eventually influence the start of the Civil War. Another detriment of the Era of Good Feelings was the economic crisis that hurt the entire nation. This economic crisis was caused by two factors: Congress’s decisions and the Second National Bank. Congress increased tariffs on imports to reduce the competition for domestic goods, but this decision hurt the farmers in the south (Doc A). The second factor was that Congress resurrected the National Bank (Doc D) which lent loans for people to purchase land in the west. However, when the
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