The Epic of Gilgamesh and Enkidu

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Wall 1 Instructor: Brigita Sheffield Subject: ENG 220CL: On the Proverbial Road The Epic of Gilgamesh and Enkidu The epic of Gilgamesh has been around for thousands of years. Gilgamesh is half man and half beast, yet he look to find immortality because he don’t want to accept one day he would die. He has gone through many trials and tribulations and each time showed he had great physical strength. Gilgamesh with his strength shows he has an emotional side and is unstable an immature. He is very knowledgeable of all things, and when he was created by the God’s they gave him courage and beauty. Gilgamesh use to terrorize the people in Uruk, which they would pray to Anu the sky God for help. Anu spoke to the Goddess of Creation and told her to make someone that was equal to Gilgamesh. That is when Enkidu was made; he had the brute strength of a dozen wild animals. He was seduced by a harlot from the temple of love, which during this time he lost his strength and wildness but gain understanding and wisdom. The harlot took Enkidu to Uruk where Gilgamesh was living and was worthy of his friendship. Upon meeting the two of them had a fight and afterwards became the best of friends. They soon decided to go an adventure that involved cutting down the great cedar forest to build a monument to the gods. In order for them to be able

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