The Epic of Gilgamesh Essay

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Matthew Mallory Mrs. Michael Advanced World Literature October 7, 2012 Two Warriors, One Hero What makes a real hero? A man who shows extreme battle skills, sacrifices everything, and leads people with honor, strength, wisdom, and passion. In the Iliad, two characters are very debatable as to who is more heroic. Hector and Achilles are two extremely accomplished warriors with amazing battle skills, courageous characteristics, and supreme leadership abilities. However, Hector is more heroic than Achilles because of his lifestyle, his fighting abilities, and ultimately, his sacrifice. A true hero does not live only for glory and power. He lives for many things such as honor, family, justice, peace, love, and for his belief and purpose. Hector lives for all of these things. He is the most skilled warrior in Troy and he leads his men against the fierce warriors of Greece and the men of Achilles. He has his own family that loves and worries about him. He protects his brother from an entire army even though it means war on his country. Achilles may lead an army, but he has no other purpose than glory and money. He and his army are basically mercenaries. Hector even feels bad when he unknowingly kills Patricles, Achilles’ “cousin”. Achilles feels no remorse for his slaughtering of entire armies and for his murder of Hector. In the end, a hero’s lifestyle reflects his purpose, his abilities as a hero, and most importantly, his value as a man and a hero. Achilles and Hector’s fighting abilities are very similar and are only rivaled by each other’s. Although, technically, Achilles is a better fighter than Hector, Hector is a truly skilled and glorious fighter. Achilles’ greatness in battle comes from his invincibility (except for his heel). Hector is an ordinary man with no supernatural advantages. He works hard, faces challenges, and he has fears and worries. Unlike

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