The Epic Of America Analysis

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The phrase “American Dream” is unique to each individual person. Everyone has their own definition of the “American Dream”. In James Adam’s essay The Epic of America, Adams describes his meaning of the “American Dream”. Adams describes the dream of people collaborating and working together. Adams view of the “American Dream” focuses on the growth of society, whereas my view deals with the accomplishments of individuals and groups. Adams defines the “American Dream” as a group effort. He says that people have lost their values, have become selfish, materialistic, and individualistic. “If we are to make the dream come true we must work together, no longer to build bigger, but to build better(19).” Adams’ “American Dream” largely incorporates…show more content…
When individuals work hard, it influences others to work hard. Working hard motivates others to also better themselves, and become more advanced in their respective field. This motivation leads to the betterment of society and advances us. It is not only important to advance in society but it is important to keep values. If we did not advance in society we could not improve many aspects of life, such as healthcare, technology, or economic standing. If everyone was “equal” in society, the society would not grow because people would be content with what they have. People do not want to work to enhance the living style of someone else who does nothing but sit around all day. It is important to find the middle between individualism and the helping of society. It is important to help others. My definition of the “American Dream” also varies because I believe in quantity and quality equally, whereas Adams emphasizes quality. In my view of the “American Dream” I think individuals and groups are important. However, Adams focuses on the Society as a whole. On a sports team there are responsibilities of each individual person, which contribute to the goals of the team. Individuals cooperate to achieve a game plan together. Each player has a certain role, and that role leads to the enhancement of the team. A sports team represents a sense of community because of the coaches, players, and managers working together. However, the responsibilities of each individual member of that team are just as important as the society as a whole. If a coach prepares a bad game plan, the team may lose. Also it is possible that the players have a bad game and do not perform well. It is important for each member to be at their best and contribute all they have to achieve the teams
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