The Environmental Issue Is Too Complex to Be Handled by the Individual.

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The environmental issue is too complex to be handled by the individual. The perennial debate is whether corporate action by governments and companies can solve some of the most persistent ecological crises or whether responsibility and power to do something rests with the individual. Environmental problems can only be solved by individual action. First, air pollution can only be solved when people start creating demand for fossil fuel. Many are quick to blame large coal plants, especially when cleaner alternatives exist, for the massive amounts of smog and greenhouse gases suffocating our planet. In fact, the demand for the energy from coal plants or cleaner sources like wind (which still has pollution associated with it) is what drives air pollution. Only when the individual curbs consumption of energy will we concomitantly be able to curb the production of horrible airborne pollutants. A mixture of conservation and efficiency on the personal, or individual scale, is the only thing that can truly address the air pollution problem, not corporate fuel-switching or governmental mandates that may or may not be obeyed or enforced. Second, endangered species protection has been bolstered in recent years by a focus on habitat preservation that depends on the will and cooperation of understanding, educated individual landowners. Land preservation sounds like it is too complex for one person to undertake, as if it might be some complex issue, but it is really very simple. An individual landowner must recognize the ecological value of a piece of property and step up to preserve it. Finally, another environmental issue that depends on the individual is reducing the carbon output of livestock. Corporations may claim that they can do this by feeding well-bred cows better grass and grain, but the reduction in herds that will result from eating less meat is really the only

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