The Environment Essay

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The environment, nature as it is also called, is suffering. The environment is home for all humans and animals. If humans destroy it the human race will go right along with it. Greenhouse gases that are being released into the atmosphere from humans using fossil fuels are affecting the environment. The actions of the human race is and will impact the world. Let’s say Greenland’s glaciers melted, Canada would have many sea-level areas covered with water because the sea level would raise 7 meters (20 feet). Did you know that the first wood-based paper wasn’t created until 1843? All the paper made before that, was made with something else. The environment needs help and only the people who live on this planet can help it. If the environment was destroyed then the quality of life would decrease substantially. -If Greenland melted the sea level would rise 7 meters (20 feet). Because Greenland is closer to the equator, than Antarctica, the temperatures are higher there and it is more likely to melt. The ice in the arctic floats on the Arctic Ocean, so if it melted the sea level would not change because of displacement. But if Antarctica melted oceans around the world would rise about 61 meters (200 feet). The most recent satellite and ground based observations show that the sea-level is continuing to rise at 3 millimetres per year or more since 1993. Another impact on the environment is the way that paper is created. Another challenge to the environment is the wide spread use of pesticides. Pesticides are neuro toxins designed to destroy the nervous system of insects. The environment needs insects to pollinate flowers, feed birds and many other things. Insects are an important part of the earth’s ecological life cycles. Pulp and paper mills are among the worst polluters to air, water and land, of any industry. Every year around the world millions of pounds of highly toxic

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