The Enlightenment's Impact On The American Revolution

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The enlightenment was a mental processes movement that began in France during the eighteenth century. The enlightenment movement had philosophers which were writers, professors, journalists, economists, and social reformers. The enlightenment and the enlightened philosophers had a great impact on the American Revolution. Many of the philosophers had great impact towards the American Revolution. John Locke, Voltaire, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Smith, Cesare Beccaria and Mary Wollstonecraft were examples of great philosophers that had great impact on the American Revolution. The enlightenment once again was a movement it had many philosophers, and each philosopher was unique and had their own ideas. But each philosopher were amazed by scientific Revolution, reason was the key for everything. They later on put the reasoning on politics and government, and it would improve the society and help establish order to all. The enlightenment movement grew even more during the eighteenth century even more books were being published the enlightenment ideas spread through salons were all the wealth people were at. Women owned many of the salons and by this time there were many female philosophers. The enlightenment moved towards America it had a powerful impact on the colonists. For the enlightenment movement to…show more content…
Smith though the law of supply and demand would naturally regulate the economy for everyone’s best interest. Cesar Beccaria believed there was justice in on crimes and punishments. He thought harsh punishments would not stop others from crime. Mary Wollstonecraft was a writer and the founder of women’s right. Mary Wollstonecraft said the enlightenment was based on ideal of reasoning in all human beings. She also said everyone should have equal rights in education and in political
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