The English Way Essay

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PROGRAMMES D'ÉTUDE S English as a Second Language Elementary Education Québec PROGRAMMES D'ÉTUDE S English as a Second Language Elementary Education Direction de la formation générale des jeunes E ducational institutions are authorized to reproduce this document in whole or in part as needed. If it is reproduced for sale, the selling price should not exceed the cost of reproduction. © Gouvernement du Qu é bec Minist è re de l' É ducation, 97-0703 ISBN 2-550-32323-8 Legal deposit - Biblioth è que nationale du Qu é bec, 1997 This English as a second language program has been developed for Elementary, Cycle Two, in compliance with section 461 of the Education Act (R.S.Q., c. I13.3). It will be compulsory in all schools as of July 1, 1998. Pauline Marois Minister of Education Foreword This program for English as a second language is intended for second-cycle elementary students in the French sector of the Québec school system. This new version replaces the program published in December, 1981. The new program contains certain features already established in the old program, such as the emphasis on learning English as a second language for the purposes of oral communication, an approach that has the support of a broad consensus among those most closely involved. Other aspects of the old programs have been brought up to date in light of new developments in the field of second-language teaching. Modifications have also been made to the nature and number of objectives and to their distribution in each year of the second cycle of elementary school. This updating has entailed some changes in the importance accorded to reading and writing in the new program. Table of Contents Introduction 1 Guiding Principles 3 • Learning is to be acquired in a spirit of curiosity, openness to the world and broadening of
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