The English Test Essay

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КОНТРОЛЬНАЯ РАБОТА. PRESENT SIMPLE, PRESENT CONTINUOUS 1. Употребите правильную форму глагола. 1. It is 12 o'clock. The family (has/ is having) tea. 2. In the morning my mother (cooks/ is cooking) breakfast for us. 3.1 (have/ am having) a car and I usually (drive/ am driving) to work. 4. Dick (leaves/ is leaving) home at half past eight in the morning. He (goes/ is going) to his office by bus. 5. In the evening we (watch/ are watching) TV. 6. Look at Mike. He (does/ is doing) his lessons. 7. The weather is fine. The sun (shines/ is shining) and it (doesn't rain/ isn't raining). 8. It often (rains/ is raining) in autumn. 9. Kitty (likes/ is liking) ice-cream. 10. My friend (lives/ is living) in London. 10. We (to be) always ready for our lessons. 11. My mother (to cook) very well. 12. My granny (not to work). 13. My father (not to be) at home now. He (to work) at his office. 14. What you (to do) now? I (to learn) the poem. 15. Tom usually (to get up) at seven o'clock. 16. Where you (to live) now? 17. You (to understand) your teacher? 18. Where Ann (to be)? She (to sleep). 10. Sometimes he (to watch) TV in the evening Isabel and I (live) in a room in the hotel. I (get up) at five o'clock and (have) a shower. Isabel (stay) in bed. I (start) work at six in the morning and Isabel (start) at six in the evening. We (meet) at three o'clock in the afternoon when I (finish) work. I (go) back to our room and Isabel (make) a late lunch for us. 2. Найдите и исправьте ошибки. 1. Не live in Oxford. 2. She sometimes eat in a restaurant. 3. Michael Riley is married not. 4. Rita have a new car. 5. On Fridays I to the cinema go. 6. She not like cooking very much. 7. Is he live in Liverpool? 8. What you have for breakfast? 9. Does she gets up early? 10. Why do the baby crying? 3. Закончите предложения по образцу. 0бразец: I like

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