The English Patient Essay

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The English Patient - assignment THEME 1. How is the theme of nationality and identity expressed in the story? Can you identify other themes? Almasy and Kip are the 2 main examples of how nationality and identity is expressed in the story. Almasy is the protagonist of the story. We don’t know his name or identity; he is actually a very mysterious person in the beginning. He reveals his identity little by little throughout the story. When he reveals his name and identity, we suddenly discover the irony of the story. “The English patient” is Hungarian by birth. Almasy has been educated in England, and he has also spent lots of time travelling in the desert. Almasy doesn’t take nationality too serious which is confirmed, when we see him throwing out all of his clothes in the desert. Another example would be the German soldier. Almasy doesn’t care whether he is German or any other nationality. For him it would be wrong not to help him. Identity also plays a big role for Kip. Kip is born in India but he chooses to risk his life by joining the British army. Just the fact that he joins the British army tells a lot about his identity. As an example, it tells us that he doesn’t want to be passive. He wants to be where things are happening and make a difference. CHARACTERISATION 2. Which characters change throughout the course of the storyline? Which ones remain static? What does this personal growth or stagnation reveal about the nature of each character? Both Almasy and Kip have a big influence on the story, but I don’t think any of them are dynamic. Nationality doesn’t mean anything for Almasy, just as I stated above. He has his opinion, which doesn’t even change when has his face burned in the plane crash. The fact that he doesn’t think nationality should have any influence, reveals that he is a very tolerant person.
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