The English Longbow

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Vanessa Figliomeni 998308987 March 23, 2012 The English longbow was a highly effective late medieval development of the Middle Ages. The English used the longbow as a significant weapon in terms of hunting and medieval warfare. There are many secondary sources related to the topic of the English longbow of the middles ages, two of which being Judge and Langdon's text entitled Connections: A World History, as well as an academic article written by Clifford J. Rogers entitled The Development of the Longbow in Late Medieval England and 'technological determinism’. Each of these secondary sources provides analysis on the topic, which, though both sources may speak of the same thing in general, they differ in various ways. The evidence provided by Judge and Langdon does not mainly focus on the Longbow itself. This source provides the reader with a general description of the Hundred Years War, and the usage of the longbows during that time, whereas Roger’s article is specifically focused on the development of the longbow. This essay will outline the main differences between the two sources, in terms of the description and different types of longbows, as well as the different perspective provided by alternate historians. Judge and Langdon provide more general and descriptive information on geographical countries and time periods, whereas Roger's article may be more helpful for providing information about the development and description of the medieval English longbow and its role within the fourteenth century revolution of infantry. When analyzing both secondary sources, it is evident that the Roger’s article provides the reader with a well understanding of the description and variety of longbows. Judge and Landon do not provide the reader with any description of the longbow. What it may have looked like, was it the only type of its kind, were there

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