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Heaven Holloway English 100 Professor Quirk February 22, 2012 Educating Before School Children within the twenty- first century have made technology their main priority, in such regards as television, computers and more. This is now chosen as the best way to entertain a child over playing outside with friends like in previous decades. With an entertainment industry growing to supply the needs of children watching their programs, they must constantly come up with new concepts and creative cartoons for children. So how could production companies come up with a way to make television positive, but still be unique and draw attention? They have come up with the idea to make television educational for its young viewers. There have been programs such as “Dora the Explorer”, “Little Einsteins”, “Wordworld” that perfectly fit this criterion. In the program “Dora the Explorer” the main character is a little girl by the name of Dora that is of Mexican heritage. The audience that it tends to is preschoolers and toddlers. Dora’s adventures are fun and interesting that express to children how to observe situations and conduct problem solving. The catchy songs and recurring themes may annoy parents but help children with their memorization. Another perk to the program is that the show does not only provide the…show more content…
For instance, the words themselves create the objects or characters that the town is made out of. The main character in the program is Duck. Duck is the character that helps other animals within the town to spell words to problem solve. An instance would be when Duck helped his friend Shark build a sand castle that would not be washed away by the ocean. The show proves to give off the message of how to work with a team and how to help friends with anything they need. The show also helps the children with putting letters together in order to spell basic

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