The Endocrine System Essay

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The Endocrine System… It is safe to say that most human beings do not give the endocrine system enough credit. This amazing part of human anatomy is contributed to many major body functions and organs, yet is rarely considered when thinking in terms of health and fitness. The endocrine system performs the same general functions as the nervous system, communication and control. The endocrine system is slower than the nervous system, however it has longer lasting control by way of hormones (chemicals) secreted into and circulated by the blood. Let’s take a look a little deeper into this system by looking into the organs of the system, what and how it regulates other body functions. The organs of the endocrine system are located in the neck, cranial, thoracic, abdominal, pelvic and outside of the body cavities. All organs of the system are glands but not all glands are organs of the system. It is important to remember that exocrine glands are not a part of this system. The system is composed of endocrine glands which are ductless glands. These glands contain chemicals which are hormones. Hormones travel into the blood system which allows them to be carried throughout the body. No wonder the regulation of the system is so important, without proper chemical levels (hormones) this can cause the body to move away from homeostasis. Hormones are the main regulators of metabolism, growth and development, reproduction and many other body activities. Hormones also maintain the body’s fluids and electrolytes, acid base and energy balances. One can go many years feeling ill or dealing with sickness and not realize the culprit is a deficiency in the endocrine system or

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