The Endless Argument

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The Endless Argument As you are walking out of the movie theater you hear the endless debate between friends of whether the book or the movie was better. You might hear, "I thought the book was so much better." Or another person might say, "I didn't even know a book existed." Some may say a book is better because you can take your time reading and interpretating. Others might say a movie is better because the movie does the interpretating for them. A reader who has seen a movie version of her favorite book would say "I liked the book better." That's because while reading a book the reader is or has already made a movie version in their head. When you read a book you have the freedom to decide how you would imagine the characters, setting, location and mood. Janie's auburn red hair can look one way to me but look another way to another person. Everyone is not subject to feel a certain way about a character. Words are meant to be interpreted in many different ways. If a person is looking angry, the book might describe them as having a hot read face, clenched fists, rolling eyes and twitching eyebrows. With such a vivid description, I can judge that this person is really upset. A book opens up a mini world in your head that allows you the opportunity to escape reality when ever and how ever long you would like. Many people watch movies to see how the actor or actress brings a character to life. They wonder in their heads, "Will she be just like I Imagined her?" But the truth is she will not whether it's a small thing such as her hair color or voice. Movies tell you how a character looks, how they talk, and what the setting looks like and so forth. Mitilda the movie takes place in America while the book version takes place in England. When I saw the movie "The Face on the Milk Carton" Janie had long straight red hair instead of Auburn Red curly hair. She was

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