Static Character In Federigo's Falcon

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A static character is someone who stays the same throughout the story and a dynamic character is someone who changes throughout the story. In the story Federigo's Falcon ;Federigo plays a static character. The story Federigo's Falcon is about a man who gives up all he has to please a woman named Monna Giovanna. He has been in love with her, but she pays him no mind. When Monna finds out that her son is severely sick she asked him what is the one thing that would make him feel better. His request was the falcon that he has played with over the summer with Federigo. Monna Giovanna felt guilty asking Federigo for the falcon because she knew he would give it to her. She went to his house in the morning for breakfast and he had nothing to offer…show more content…
But this time Federigo was with another girl. Monna got so jealous and went over to his date and poured all soda on her. She ran out of the party crying. Federigo was so mad at what she did. Monna was at home crying and thinking how Federigo felt when she would ignore him. She noticed that she did the wrong thing to him. The next morning Federigo woke up to go get his newspaper outside. When he walked out there was a falcon sitting on his doorsteps. There was a paper wrapped around the falcons claw, it said it was from Monna and she was really sorry for what he did. That night Federigo decided to call Monna and invite her to dinner the same place where they we're suppose to have the blind date. At first they were just sitting there awkwardly and then Monna decided to start the conversation. She apologized to Federigo and told him that she should've never ignored him. Federigo accepted her apology but he only wanted to be friends. Monna accepted his friendship, she didn't want to lose him. Monna and Federigo were best friends, they were both moved on and each of them were married. They always kept in touch with each other. No one could split up their

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