The End Of The World As We Know It Essay

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When the government takes actions that creates turmoil with other countries, which to the people look like they are being saved. The people are putting their fate into the government’s hands every time they sign the dotted line that automatically enlists them as an alternate in the army. It is wrong for the government to force people to do something against their own will and greater being. In the song, “It’s the end of the world as we know it” by R.E.M., diction, syntax and allusion to effectively convey the message that the American government is wrong by forcing citizens to do their dirty work. Diction in the song is used to show how the citizens under the government feel when being forced to fight for a cause they don’t believe in. “Common group” in the song is used to describe the ordinary people that live under the rules of the American government. Which portrays to the reader that the government is looking at them to do something for them, as in fight a war. The words “Six O’clock” denotes the usual time that the news is broadcasted around the country. People watch the news at that time to see what is going on in the world and to see what things are being thought of in the American government, a bad time for people being who happen to fight for the government. The words “Step down” makes the reader feel what the people who are forced to fight a war feel at the time they are told to fight for the American government; thinking that the head of the government should think about resigning because they are not helping the ordinary people like they said. Syntax is used to give a pace to the song by allowing the reader to feel like they are being tossed around and speed through things so that the reader doesn’t catch on to what is being said. Through out the song comas are placed in the main verse to speed the song up, which show how the government tells

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