The End of Solitude

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Li Yanhui WCWP 10A 1/13/2015 Essay 1C In “The End of Solitude, ” William Deresiewicz claims that people increasingly prefer to rely on the technology to get rid of the solitude, rather than stay alone. The reason of this phenomenon is that people are afraid of being loneiness and recognized by others. Deresiewicz believes that technology is the most important factor to replace people’s attitude of solitude in constant communication. Deresiewicz uses an example of a teenager who text more than three thousand messages per month and never being alone.The author also provides three thesis to support his view. At the beginning of the article, the author says that television and the Internet were designed to help people get rid of bored and technology does not allow people to solitude. Meanwhile,He says that people are afraid of being bored. Therefore, they started to turn on the television to get rid of loneliness. The result of people gradually began to rely on high-tech to get rid of loneliness is that “They have lost the ability to be alone.” In the end of the essay, Deresiewicz points out that solitude is very important for the people because people will start to think everyting. For supporting his thesis, the author says that people was writing e-mail on the desktop computer in ten years ago, but it’s very easy to implement function in the cellphone. The author also mentions that people in the contemporary era already lost the ability to be alone and the capacity for solitude. I think the evidences which are provided by the author are not convincing. At the beginning of the essay, The most compelling example he gave was a teenager text more than three thousand messages per month. To make a compelling case, it would be the most people do. In fact, teenager cannot represent all
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