The End of a Life but the Beginning of an Inspiration Essay

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The End of a Life, but the Beginning of an Inspiration William Wallace was born c. 1270 near Renfrew, Scotland and died on August 23rd,1305 in London, England (“Sir William Wallace”). Wallace was a visionary of freedom to the Scottish people. He led the Scottish rebels to victory against the British multiple times. However, the battle at Falkirk, on July 22nd 1298, was not such an occasion (“Sir William Wallace”). When the British cavalry advanced on the Scots, the remaining Scottish cavalry that had yet to join the fray retreated. Whether the nobles reigning over said cavalry were bought off by the British or truly that afraid of what was before them is unknown (“The Struggle”). After the loss of the battle at Falkirk, Wallace was said to have resigned his post as leader of the Scottish rebels. There are two speculations as to how that came about: Wallace stepped down of his own accord, or he was forced to rescind his title (“The Struggle”). Wallace left Scotland after his loss of position. However, after he returned he did not give up his tirades. Being a wanted man, Wallace could not make a big fuss over coming home, but he would still fight the British. King Edward “Longshanks” was more determined to purify Scotland than ever. Eventually the resistance in Scotland dwindled to almost nothing and in 1305 the British won the submission of Scotland (“The End”). Wallace however, had no intention of heeding the submission. His continued harassment of the British offered him nothing but pain, and on August 5th, 1305 William Wallace was captured and arrested in Glasgow, Scotland (“Sir William Wallace”). He was transported to London, England where he was held at Westminster Hall for his trial; at his trial his crimes were recited followed by the sentence. A myriad of accusations were made against Wallace, most true, but the one crime he did not commit was treason.

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