The End Essay

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Hours we were sat there. A whole group of us, at least ten, for like I said hours. Yet she said nothing. Not a word, not a whisper, nothing. She wasn’t even listening to us; well that’s how it seemed. I took glances at her every so often yet her face always returned the same blank expression, as her dark glazed eyes stared straight towards the left top hand corner of the transparent glass door. I looked again expecting the same, only to be greeted by the most dazzling of smiles, wrinkles appeared where her eyes had previously been. I followed her line of sight to see what had changed, what could have possible caused such a dramatic turn to her expression. Yet it was still the same darkness that seemed to be attacking the door. Ordinary and expected at this time of night of course. so why when combined with that smile did it seem so sinister? It became clear to me that everyone else was oblivious to her behaviour as she got up and left the room with that smile still stretched from one ear to the other and not one person commented, not one person even acknowledged her current lack of existence within the room, not one person. No one, except me that is. I waited a couple minutes and followed her out the curiosity of the situation killing me. The light of the bathroom at the far end of the corridor shone bright in the otherwise dark house. Everyone else was still sat together around the comfort of the fireplace reminiscing over old times, Leaving her to be the only possible person to be in the bathroom, “she’s just using the bathroom, like any normal human being does” I tried to convince myself, yet every time i uttered the words the image of her smile and its extremity attacked my mind. Without realising id made it to the bathroom door and had my hand waiting on the handle, ready to open it just to be certain. But something stopped me. My ear was pressed against

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