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Introduction "No Silver Bullet — Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering" is an extensively thrash out document on software engineering. Fred Brooks the author of the book, this book was written in 1986, and it’s been more 25 years since Mythical Man-Month Fred Brooks published this piece of writing. The author oppose there is no originality in software growth which might achieve an order of scale incremented in production (the silver bullet) inn 10 years to come. in trustworthiness, in ease." He also say that "we cannot expect ever to see two-fold gains every two years" in software growth, like there is in hardware growth, it is clear that he is implementing that software development is difficult. . The aim of this assignment is to summarize the article of No Silver Bullet, accidents, essence, complexity, conformity, complexity, changes, invisibility, high-level-languages, and time sharing has been summarized. Etc. No Silver Bullet summery Fred prepared a mathematical proposal, which he thought it was very difficult to challenge. That is, if in 1986 any less than 9-10ths of the troubles, are accidents, then decreasing all the accidents to zero will not give you an order of magnitude improvement. Therefore, Fred said that if there is a silver bullet—He had picked the werewolf word because he stated that a lot of projects start out apparently innocent and straightforward (simple), and then in the dark of the moon they turn into monsters (and you may have had a project like that, Fred had one like that and most of the people all had and some of us we will have projects like that too along the way have). Therefore, if there is anything that offers a 10 fold improvement in productivity, it must address the inherent conceptual complexity and that may mean dealing with the concepts at a different level. So there is the argument. Now the argument can

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