The Empowerment of an Essay

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Life is a start for people to build their knowledge, talents, and skills through involving in different organizations and experiences they have has encountered in their life. This is the stepping stone for people to build up their leaderships skills and to create a pathway for their career plans and academic goals. Throughout my career as a student in elementary school to high school, I have had been involved in different activities, clubs, and events, to have a sense of involvement and to experience how each club’s officer ran their performances. For example, I participated in a leadership event called Hugh O’Brian Leadership, HOBY, seminar hosted at Southeast Missouri State University. The three day events had motivated and empowered me to make a positive difference within the global society, through understanding and action, based on effective and compassionate leadership. Also, the event developed and inspired the global community of youth and volunteers, like I, to a life dedicated to leadership, service, and innovation. Beside for learning good qualities to enhance and to shape the society, I have met students from across Missouri who had the same inner strength and goals, like I, with the commitment of serving the community and build it up. Another event that I participated throughout my four years of high school is called the French Junk-to Funk Fashion Show .The purpose of the event was to raise money for the marines by running a show where students used their creativity to make astounding costumes for the show’s performance. My role in the show was behind –the-scene where I would lead a group of models and would advise them when they would be on stage and what they would need to do while being on stage. The job looked simple but performing it out was not an easy task without the cooperation with other members who were running the show. The friendship and

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