The Emperor and the Flier Miracles Essay

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The Emperor and the Flier Miracles In Ray Bradbury’s Story “The Flying Machine”, the story took place in china in the year A.D. There were two characters, the Emperor and the Flier. Both characters see a different ways of looking at miracles. The different ways the Emperor sees miracles. He sees the beauty of nature and he enjoys it. In other words, he said “The sun has risen, the sea is blue, isn’t all the finest beautiful.” Likewise the Emperor enjoys the air in the morning, like when he said, “The air is sweet this morning.” In addition, he invented the music box; back then it was called a delicate machine. That machine was made up of metal and jewels. The Emperor sees different ways of looking at miracles. The Flier sees the miracles different from the Emperor. The Flier sees the beauty in the sky, when he flies away from the ground. For example, he said “I looked down on all the sleeping houses and gardens.” Also the Flier enjoys the wind when the wind moves throw the Flier like birds. In the other words, he said, “The wind blowing me here like a feather, there like fun.” Above all the Flier invented the “flying machine” that was made up of paper and reed. Indeed, he was the first human to fly in the sky. The miracles that the Flier sees are different from the Emperor. Thus, Emperor and the Flier see different way of seeing miracles in Ray Bradbury’s science fiction story “The Flying Machine.” I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO ADD. THE

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