The Emotional Experience of Learning

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A reflective analysis of a confrontation between an adult and child I have observed in the workplace including an academic discussion of the impact of learning as an emotional experience impact on own role in the workplace. Throughout this essay I am going to demonstrate the underlying theories of the emotional experiences that children and adults have in my workplace and how they impact on their learning. I will analyse the observations I had made between a Teaching Assistant and a year 6 child and give an insight into their experiences of school. I will discuss the different theorists and how their theories play a part within the situation I have observed. First, I would like to give some background information about the student that I am including within this essay. Laura is a year 6 child who has lived with her Nan since going into care as a baby. Her mum, who was young when she had her, had to give up care for her as she was unable to look after her properly. Unfortunately while living with Nan, Laura has had a disruptive homelife and this has caused numerous problems throughout her life. Nan shows her little attention and what little attention she receives seems to be negative and dismissive. Laura has been somewhat left to her own devises at home to fend for herself. There is little affection shown towards her at home and Laura finds it hard to differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Laura is very demanding of social interaction and seeks constant attention whether it is positive or negative from adults in and out of the classroom. She is very overpowering of her peers, which causes a lot of problems in the class. She finds friendships difficult to expand and keep. The constant need for attention causes friction within the classroom settings both with her peers, often resulting in fallouts, and with the adults she works with. As a school we have put in

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