The Emmergence of Hiv and Aids Essay

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The emmergence if HIV/AIDS in the early 1980’s has lead to untold Public Health, Social-Economical, Educational, Psycho-emotional, Religeous, Demographic and many other challenges. Describe the impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals, the family and community/nation. To begin with Human Immuno-deficiency Virus / Aquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome was first witnessed in the early 1970’s in America, however not much was known about it then. In June 1981, HIV/AIDS was highy witnessed among homo-sexuals living in three major cities in USA which lead to intesified research on the issue which was quickly to become a global catastrophe. In infected persons, HIV virus is present in certain cells as well as bodily fluids and secretions. When this fluids come into contact with a non-infected person, and the virus survives long enough to pass to the susceptible person infecting the target cells, then the person becomes infected with HIV/AIDS. Having said that, the impact of HIV/AIDS can be descibed as a massive ripple effect on the society and nation at large. The effects are far too many however afew will be discussed below as per the given sub-titles. 1) Health Challenges caused by HIV/AIDS: HIV/AIDS with time totaly impairs and weakens the immune system of the individual in question. This comes along with many health challenges as opportunistics infections like tuberculosis (TB), pneumonia,persistent colds and coughs e.t.c take their toll on the individual. Impact on the Individual: - The individual experiences many health issues caused by opportunistic infections rendoring him/her very weak and uncomfortable, when full blown more often than not, one becomes bed-ridden. - Another impact felt by the individual is loss of income. Intermittent bouts of infections usually deter one from working as usual and earning. With time this could lead to

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