The Elf Child Essay

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The Elf Child October 4, 2012 In the novel The Scarlet Letter the character of Pearl is one that represents every since of the word ambiguous. Pearl is nothing but a child; she is an untamed and disobedient little “elf”, despite that she is a beautiful and loving child of her mother. Throughout the book, Pearl is depicted mocking her mother and other authority figures in her life, including governors, but she is also shown standing up for her mother and herself in various situations. These two different sides of Pearl make her highly ambiguous, and creates the effect of uncertainty in the reader of how they feel about her. Her ambiguity is significant because it represents the ambiguous atmosphere surrounding the affair between Hester and Dimmsdale, their love and passion against the duty towards her husband and his congregation. Pearl is described by most characters, including her mother, as “an imp of evil”, the town’s people say so just because of the sin she represents, and Hester because of how she recognizes Pearl’s “wild, desperate, defiant” behavior. Pearl is “dark and wild”, she is fascinated with the stories of “the Black Man”, and the shadows of the forest where her and her mother walk and live. When it comes to people other than her father, Dimmsdale, and Hester she seems to automatically become sarcastic and hateful. Physically speaking, Pearl is described as a “lovely and immortal flower”, she is a beautiful child with a great imagination, and a strong bind with nature. As Pearl grows older she starts to realize how the people in town treat her and her mother, there is even an instance where she throws rocks at a group of children who are mocking Hester and her. This is only one of many situations where Pearl defends herself and her mother against the vicious ridicule of the town. In the forest Pearl is attracted to the sun, and attempts to

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