The Elephant Vanishes Essay

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Donneida Thomas Ms. Tashjian CP English IV 5 May 2014 1) As a whole, society does not accept things that are different form normality. Haruki Murakami presents a fictional short story entitled “The Little Green monster”. A lady is astonished by a green monster that appears in her back yard. A lady was waiting for her husband just like any other typical day. She was surprised by the sudden pop up by a green monster. This situation is very mind twisting for the main character because things of this nature does not typically happen. The monster is able to read people’s thoughts inside of their mind. She did not like that because the monster was so abnormal and frightening that she believe that his ability would cause a problem for her. Haruku Murakami exemplifies symbolism in order to illustrate how the main character did not accept the green monster because of his abnormality ultimately leading to the death of the little green monster. This reveals that society is not very accepting of things that are different. Harukami characterizes the main character as a person that does not accept things that are different. In the Beginning of the short story the lady expecting her husband just like any normal day. However, she is shocked by the arrival of a little green monster in her back yard. This put a twist into her typical day and made t not so typical. This different creature has created havoc in her regular perfect day. In response to the sudden monsters she exclaimed “What a rude little creature you are to come seeking my love.” (Marukami, The Little Green Monster) This quote exemplifies a malicious tone towards the green monster. When she calls the monster a creature” she is stating that the monster is not like her and she is just unhappy to see this thing. She calls it rude because it was not on her time and It popped ruining her day that she had planned

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