The Elegant Universe Essay

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The Elegant Universe After I watched the video, The Elegant Universe, my idea about the universe has completely changed. The universe and its matters are much, much bigger than I would ever thought of. My idea before was just about the never-ending thingy and the Big Bang Theory, but this video introduce me a new thought of the universe, the string theory. For me, I feel that the string theory has good explanation of how to connect the two parallel concepts of universe together. The string theory kind of like solve the problem of which is the true solution between Einstein’s general relativity and quantum mechanics. The string theory states that every matter in the universe is composed of tiny vibrating strands of energy called strings; the strings are much, much smaller than the atoms. And what the string theory really does is to lessen the waves in quantum mechanics down, until it seems like it is smooth, but in reality, those waves are still there, but sufficiently small. I think this idea sounds believable, but I do not really understand the dimensions part. Attached along to the string theory was the idea of dimensions. This is where I feel that it is very imaginary to say that there are many other dimensions that curl up and overlapping on each other. So it means that where I am now is overlapped by other dimensions too? It is said in the video that these ideas of dimensions have resulted in five different version of string theory; each version is differing by its number of dimensions. I am kind of confused. Until now the string theory is the most believe to be true theory. Until now no one can prove that the string theory is true. Scientists need to see evident such as the particles, graviton, and maybe even another dimensions to prove that this is true. Scientists do not stop thinking about the string theory because it seems to be the only

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