The Electric Sounds of Thunder Essay

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The Electric Sounds of Thunder COM170 The Electric Sounds of Thunder Just as thunder rocks the sky, the electric guitar and electric bass will rock the soul. There is no doubt that the sounds of an electric guitar and bass are electrifying. Both instruments have played a big part in many genres of music, to include Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz, and Classical just to name a few. Whatever type of music the listener may enjoy, most likely the electric guitar and bass were involved. Although both are amplified, they have very different sounds. Learning how strings, tone, and amplification play a part in the sound of the guitar and bass will strengthen one’s ability when choosing the correct equipment. The basic electric guitar has six strings and the basic electric bass has four strings. Many forms of these instruments exist, but the six string electric guitar and four string bass are the most common (Elliot, 1999). Even though the bass falls into the guitar category, there are differences as well as similarities. Some similarities include a fretted fingerboard; pick techniques, and certain styles of tuning (Brewer, p.290, 2003). Some differences include thicker strings on the bass, which produce deeper pitches over the guitar. Another difference is that bass guitars are larger than electric guitars. Because the thicker strings of the bass exert greater force on the body, neck, and hardware, these components are much larger. This results in a greater body, a thicker neck, and larger hardware (Elliot, 1999). The electric guitar has been around longer than the electric bass, and because of the similarities between the two, many artists from the early days transformed from guitar players to bass players. This process was achieved easily because those musicians familiar with pick techniques and the fretted fingerboard of the electric guitar, found the transition to

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