The Eighty-Yard Run Plot and Conflict Analysis

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The Element Analysis of the short story of “The Eighty-Yard Run” written by Irwin Shaw: Plot and Conflict Analysis A. Introduction This paper will offer the explanation about the analysis of the element in a short story of The Eighty-Yard Run which written by Irwin Shaw, especially in plot and conflict. All of the explanation is based on the theoretical concept from some books. The books are, Literature, Approaches to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama written by Robert DiYanni, then Fiction, the Element of the Short Story written by John Bachman Gordon and Karen Kuehner, and Outlines of Literature, Short Stories, Novels, and Poems written by Edward H. Jones, Jr.. Those three books is a guiding book in analyzing the short story; therefore, the element analysis of a short story The Eighty-Yard Run will not go out from the context of the element in a short story. Plot and conflict are connected each other. The main conflict usually happens as a climax in a story. However, almost all of the stories contain more than one conflict. These conflicts will form the structure and plot of the story as the other esthetic points. Some of book explained conflict as a part of plot and some book explained it separately. That means that the two elements have a relation and its connection is very important to build a story because plots grow out of a conflict. B. Theoretical Concept Before analyzing the element of the short story, we must know about the theoretical concept about the element of short story, especially plot and conflict. Plot is the most important thing in the story because a good plot will make a good story. Plot is something that makes a reader still want to read to know all of the stories, especially to know what happen next. All of the story must have a plot to explain the narrative situation. Like film, that arranged by some picture, a story also arranged by

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