The Eight Types Of Intelligence Essay

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Multiple Intelligences-Grand Canyon University-PSY 101 General Psychology- 2009 Assignment: 1) Individual: Types of Intelligence a) In a 250-500 word APA style paper, do the following: i) Identify the 8 different types of Intelligences ii) Discuss their relationship with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Will AI excel in all the different types? Why or why not? iii) Explain the value of intelligence testing and identify what is measured. Multiple Intelligences The eight types of intelligences according to Harvard professor Harward Gardner has listed multiple intelligences or “eight kinds of smart”: - Linguistic intelligence/word smart (Measured in ones ability to improve on use of the English language as well as learn other languages.) - Logical-mathematical intelligence/number reasoning smart (Remember the SAT's?) - Spatial intelligence/picture smart (Engineers use this every day, mechanics, and people with a great sense of direction. It's like 3-D “Mapquest” in the brain.) - Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence/body smart (Professional athletes fall in this category.) - Musical intelligence/music smart (Measured in ones ability to play, read, write and decipherer music.) - Interpersonal intelligence/people smart (Strong understanding of the internal feelings, thoughts, motivations of others.) - intra personal intelligence/self smart (Strong understanding of one's own internal feelings, thoughts, motivations, etc.) - Naturalist intelligence/nature smart (In tune with nature.) Will AI excel past the different types of human intelligence? The answer lies in whether rules can be applied to specific areas that require a different type of intelligence and weather or not there will be a change in the area of intelligence required during the specific task. For instance, can an AI keep up with the tasks

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