The Egyptian Revolution 2011 Essay

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Name: Mennatallah Gamal Grade: 10 Wolf Man Samy pulled out of the gas station parking lot, turning sharply as the tires scraped the highway. Heavy hills rolled out endlessly ahead of him and his brother, Fady, who was fast asleep in the passenger seat. The two boys were on their way to visit their Uncle Sayd. His wife, Fayza, had just passed away and he needed help going through some of her stuff, and fixing up her old cottage in the Rocky Mountains. Slowly, Fady stirred. His eyes slowly opened and he turned his head to the window, staring out at the passing signs advertising restaurants many kilometers away. "Where are we?" He asked, now looking at Samy. "I'm not exactly sure what this area's called, but we're only about 24 more hours away from Uncle Sayd's," Samy answered, while glancing at the clock. The setting sun up ahead glowed gold as it sunk between the hills. The pinkish red sky was cloudless, yet beautiful. Andy thought for a second. tonight, he'd drive as much as possible before sleeping. That way, the boys might even be able to cut the twenty-four hour drive in half. It was too bad though, that Fady was only fifteen, and could not yet drive. His brother though, was twenty, and was going to be twenty-one in only a few weeks. He had driven this far already, and was determined to make it to his uncles as soon as possible. "I'm hungry," Fady whined, "When are we going to eat?" He'd always had an eating problem, ever since he could remember. He'd eat and eat and eat, and still, never be full. Samy thought for a second, and heard his own stomach rumble. "Um, I picked up some food at the gas station. It's in the back seat if you want some." Fady unbuckled his seat belt and carefully climbed into the back , he reached for the plastic bag, but he quickly swept them to the side

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