The Efffects o Fpoverty On Children Essay

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Abstract This paper is an examination on the effects of child poverty in North America. It will inspect the consequences that poverty has on a child’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. It will also analyze a number of organizations in North America and the world that attempt to minimize and eliminate child hunger and poverty. Finally, this paper will conclude by giving a detailed look into poverty mitigation strategies and lifestyle changes that can reduce child disabilities and promote child development. Introduction Poverty has become one of the most important and crucial issues plaguing both North America and the rest of the world. Children are dying of starvation every day and are becoming more prevalent to not only physical, but cognitive disabilities. Thus, this paper will examine the effects that poverty has on children with a primary focus on North America. This paper will also dissect a number of mitigating strategies of child poverty ranging from child centered strategies that take an interpersonal approach to enhancing child stimulation, and two-generation programs that look to educate parents on a number of subjects. There are also a number of lifestyle factors that have a direct impact on children living in poverty that can affect them in both a positive and negative manner. These include; nutrition and health, home environment, parent-child interactions and childhood neighbourhoods. In this paper there will be an inspection of each with a detailed analysis on how they can affect children in both short and long term situations. Finally, there are a number of social organizations that have been established for the sole purpose of aiding impoverished children throughout the world. These organizations are mainly not-for-profit and have taken it upon themselves to aid in extinction of child poverty. This paper will take a look at

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