The Effects on Advertising Commercial on Its Viewers

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Media, TV radio and social networks affect everyone’s day to day lives. Either you’re recording the new show that comes on at 11pm or you’re tweeting to friends across the country about the new movie coming out. But have you ever realized there are commercial advertising everywhere even on Facebook which is advertising new make-up and clothing lines. The commercial are attracting individuals who are young and vulnerable to superficial materials. Then those are the commercials that fight against drugs, cigarettes and abuse. I you asked me how have advertising affect my life and those around me I would say advertising have proven to display artificial images, awareness to animal’s rights and fighting against drugs and alcohol abuse. I have a twin sister which has always looked to commercial models and magazine ads for ap-pearance guidance. We are identical twins but she has always applied make-up that our mother never approved only because she saw a superstar where it in a magazine ad. Even though to me her bright smile and charming sense of hilarity makes her the most beautiful person in the world, she thinks of herself ugly if she does not look like the people on tv. I can imagine all these young beautiful girls in the world who compare to individuals that takes a team of about 20 people to make them look glamorous and fancy with the help of Photoshop. With superficial images shown in tv and magazines young girls like my sister will never accept the person they are and to learn to love themselves, which sometimes leads to other self-destructions like drugs and alcohol. As many children still struggle with issues they also deal with drug and alcohol abuse. Again if a girl has been watching tv all day and sees a pretty “skinny” girl in the new cigarette advertise-ment her too will say “hey, if I smoke and can be skinny too” then their goes TV advertising

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