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Terrance Ellington Zoology Lab Gene Function March 6, 2013 The effects of YEPD + 10mM EGTA on mutant yeast strain Purpose and Background: Purpose of this experiment is to find out the function of genes in yeast strain. To find these functions, will look for the phenotype controlled by each gene. To differentiate what phenotype is controlled by what gene mutant strains (test); strains that have been altered by having a gene knocked out, will be compared to the isogenic wild (control) type stain. Strategy: We take mutant yeast strains that have been grown in YEPD medium and grow them along side of each other on different mediums, some of which will have added nutrients and others will have certain nutrients removed. We will grow them at different temperatures to see if we can differentiate the phenotypes controlled by each gene. Materials: A. Yeast Strain: a. FTY18 (control strain) b. FTY406 c. FTY495 d. pmr1Δ e. gpa2Δ f. nrg2Δ g. pep12Δ h. tpo4Δ B. Medium: YEPD + 10 mM EGTA C. Sterilized toothpicks D. Marker pens Procedure: 1. Two plates of YEPD + 10 mM EGTA were divided into six parts. Each section was then labeled according to strain that it represented. 2. Next, the plates were populated with the yeast strains using the streak plate method a. The top ⅓ of a section was streaked with cells using a toothpick, taking care not cross line into a different section & discarded b. Using a fresh toothpick, the second ⅓ of section was populated by being streaked using cells from first ⅓ of section c. To populate the last ⅓ of section, a fresh toothpick was used to gather cells from the second ⅓ and streaked into the last ⅓. 3. Steps were repeated until each section was complete for each plate. 4. Plates were then labeled according

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