The Effects of the Nuke on Japan Essay

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Brett Lese Dropping the Bomb for the Win The United States dropped the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945. Many people have tried to think of other ways that World War II and the fighting with Japan could have been stopped with out the usage of the atomic bomb, although all of the ways that they thought of would have put more emotional, economical and physical stress on the United States government and its people. The decision for the United States to drop the atomic bomb on Japan was necessary to guarantee a rapid Japanese surrender because of the Japanese honor beliefs that would have had them fight to the last man, many more American lives would have been lost, and every second the war goes on the cost of the war goes up. In the United States, before the attack on Pearl Harbor the American people knew very little about the Japanese people. Many Americans viewed them as a very frail people and some still pictured them as still living in the time of the samurai. That belief is true in many ways. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the United States' entire view of the Japanese culture completely changed. In a way the Japanese where still staying with the beliefs of the old samurai. The military and most of the people of Japan believed in a system of rules to live by called the Bushido Code. The Bushido Code is a system that places honor above all other things. The code was used by the samurai and the word Samurai means “to serve”. Under the code he is to give his life to his ruler and he is just a tool for him to use and to die in a battle, taking down as many of the enemy as he can rather than getting captured (Bushido). This the greatest honor that a man living under the Bushido Code could ever achieve. The way of the samurai is to go down fighting. The suicide pilots, the kamikazes, were a perfect example of a person that was true to the

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