The Effects of Technology Essay

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Latisha Garcia AC1110892 AN310_05-05 03/05/2015 The Effects OF Technology In the last twenty years technological advancements have changed the way we work, live and communicate. According to English-Lueck and Molitor, technology has had a mixed effect on the balance of family life, technology has either improved the balance of a family or it can restrict the way a family operates. Through the years, we've watched technology grow, we’ve seen technology fail, and we've seen it succeed. We've poked fun at it when it doesn't make sense, and we've praised it when it's absolutely brilliant. We treat technology as a family member even if that is a little co-dependent. Technology has certainly made aspects of our lives easier: We're no longer forced to send letters through the postal service, book vacations through travel agents, shop in stores, visit the library for research material, or wait for our photos to be developed. Graham T.T. Molitor feels technology has affected families in many ways successfully. He has proposed computers and other devises have taking the place of personal assistants, as they can handle a vast growing range of activities. Molitor believes problems that once required armies of people working their entire lifetimes to solve now can be solved in seconds. He thinks increased computer speeds pave the way for machines and surpassing the capabilities of the human brain. He also feels that artificial intelligence will be taking over more and more, making it easier to communicate and less stressful for families. (Molitor, 2003)For many of us, communicating with family used to mean sending letters and cards through the mail and getting no response until weeks later. We'd pass hand-written notes to friends in class. We'd pick up the telephone—paying for long-distance calls, no less—and could only talk to one person at a time. On

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