The Effects of Social Media Essay

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The Effects of Social Media Technology is advancing extremely quickly. Flatscreens and high-definition televisions are starting to become a norm as well as smart phones and laptops. As an evolving generation, we are naturally taking little steps in the direction of becoming entirely dependent on technology. Companies’ financial records are kept on machines, students’ papers and projects are saved on hard drives, and more and more valuable information is being kept on computers and the internet rather than physical documents. Over time, we have incredibly found a way to convert most of the physical actions that require labor over to a machine, and the machine does everything for us. The dependence of such technologies has unfortunately shifted slowly toward the social side of life as well. The social aspect of this generation of kids, teens, young adults is also being thrown into the technology we own and, as a result, we are creating online social profiles for ourselves. This sounds appealing, and since the beginning of online social media, there has been a huge increase in the number of online social profiles on multiple platforms, and the popularity has skyrocketed (Lenhart). Instead of using these services once or twice a day, though, teens are using them profusely, and the dependence on social media is becoming an issue. We are neglecting the real world and avoiding face-to-face interactions. Interacting online is slowly becoming a substitution, but how accurately can one express themselves online? Is their online identity a truly accurate reflection of their personal identity in real life. The simple answer is no, and this paper focuses on how the true definition of the word identity has been negatively transformed since social media has become prevalent. Ever since the uprise in popularity of social media, there has been an increased compulsion to interact

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