The Effects of Social Media

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Social Media Assignment HUM/176 3/14/2014 Rosslyn Richard There are many advantages and disadvantages in using social media. Some disadvantages of social media; it allows you to stay in contact with your friends and family that live too far to visit every day. You can talk to them via instant message or video chat. You can create blogs about subjects of importance to you. It is also good for businesses; they can use social media as a tool to reach millions of people. The disadvantages are security and privacy. The security issues are not being protected from hackers and viruses. Hackers can destroy you personally by getting into your media account and stealing your personal information and using it to create a negative impact on your credit history. Viruses that attached themselves to things you download can destroy your computer. Sometimes, these viruses leave your computer so damaged they cannot be fixed. Some people have become hermits because of social media; they do not have to leave their homes because they know they can find a “friend” waiting for them at any time of day or night. The next issue would be privacy. If you do not mark your media account as private your information is out there for the world to see and use at its discretion. Businesses are using social media to check the character of potential employees. Social media sites are easy targets for the breach of privacy. Knowing the disadvantages and the advantages of social media should alter how they use media by; 1) respecting others when they post on particular media sites. 2) Knowing what information to not put on social media site. 3) Making sure that there is a virus protector on the computer. Businesses reap the knowing that the advantages for them are the millions of people on the social media sites at any given day or time will be positive for them. It is also cheaper to advertise

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