The Effects Of Plastics In The Ocean

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Below the vast swelling body of water lays another world filled with many species of sea animals from the dawn of creation and more that are still left to be discovered. However, this fascinating place is also contaminated with horrifying inventions against nature which must be sought to be protected and conserved. There is a tremendous amount of trash produced each day that can end up in the ocean and further pollute it. A specific focus is placed on the many particles of plastic debris that end up maneuvering through the water. Shockingly, there will result in more plastic in the ocean than fish by the year 2050. We must avert from this monstrosity before the impact occurs. The production and use of plastic should be reduced due to this conflict.…show more content…
Because this material is not raw, there is no way for it to possibly be biodegradable. It takes over 400 years for plastic to break down, although it will not return back to the earth’s soils. An abominable, whopping amount of 91 percent of plastic is not recycled, meaning that only 9 percent was able to reincarnate! Plastic will not break down, but that does not mean that it will not split up into smaller particles. The specks of material floating around make it vulnerable to fish to consume. Most often, plastic is mistaken for food by albatrosses and sea turtles. That is a form a pollution, starting right at the heart of the sea…show more content…
It is no doubt that the uses of plastic are convenient, although it does not create a better life in the long run. The use of plastic was cheap to produce and light to carry, especially for the use of packaging. It is unbelievable to count how many items are made of the revolutionary material, and it is even worse to imagine all of that to wind up in the ocean. Around the world, over 400 million tons of plastic is produced each year. Companies must understand that there is an option to conventional plastic and that sustainable alternatives are at hand. A great innovation is biodegradable plastic, also known as bioplastic, which is made with natural materials such as plant starch that can be returned to the earth. This simple solution contains no chemicals that can harm the earth. Along with that, paper and beeswax can be turned to as well. It is very simple for a person to support companies that are all about sustainability for the planet and using recycled materials. Making this decision can leave a person with less guilt than when they purchase a product with contents that harm the

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